16 November 2006

ZELFO – Plastic from plants

Bild_1.jpgZELFO is a modern ecological wood-like and moudable material made from natural fibres, recycled paper or other cellulose raw material like hemp.

Cellulose containing fibers are ground with water using optional natural additives, such as plant based pigments for colour. The Material is then spray moulded or pressed into form. After finishing, Zelfo material may be finished similary to wood.

There are various moulding processes that may involve pressure, interim drying, wetting and reshaping. These allow for simple or more complex geometries and dimensional precision. Depending on the requirements, a pre-coating can be applied. The product is then dried slowly to the required density and stiffness.

ZELFO can be used for

  • Furniture
  • Lightning
  • Homeware
  • Jewellery
  • Instruments and
  • Abstract

ZELFO Australia
Paul Benhaim
PO Box 1069
NSW 2482
Phone/Fax: 02.668 44 553
email: paul@zelfoaustralia.com

Source: ZELFO Australia Oct. 13, 2006.

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