7 April 2011

World’s Purest Water in the World’s Purest Bottle

Eco Island Water is green in more ways than you’d think

When in the hand, on a restaurant table or chilling in a fridge, a bottle Eco Island Water has a noticeable organic green pigment providing the bottle’s colouring. What can’t be seen is just how ‘green’ and environmentally friendly this innovative bottle is.

The Bottle : Eco Island Water is Australia’s first premium water brand made from plants, not oil. How? By taking natural sugars from plants and transforming these into biopolymer PLA, an ingenious material, to make these bio-eco bottles. Made from 100% annually renewable resource and in turn, biopolymer PLA is 100% recyclable transforming it into a new life as another bio-eco bottle. Eco Island Water bottles can also be composted and will biodegrade in commercial composting facilities where available. Compared to PET plastic bottles, the material used to make Eco Island Water bottles utilises 75% less Greenhouse Gas emissions, 45% less energy and 49% less fossil fuels to manufacture. (Source: Natureworks)

The Water: The water inside Eco Island Water bottles is equally unique – in fact it’s the world’s purest. The water journey starts 16,000 kilometres away in Antarctica where the air source originates. Via strong currents over the Southern Ocean it is carried across water until it reaches land at Cape Grim, Tasmania. Cape Grim consequently contains the lowest levels of atmospheric pollutants globally as measured by the CSIRO. From these heavens falls the purest water which is then captured in a custom designed catchment facility, ensuring not a single drop of pristine water touches the ground before bottling.

Closed Loop Environments: To maximise the opportunity to recover empty bottles, Eco Island Water is focusing sales and distribution efforts on ‘closed’ environments where bottles can be separated from other waste. Example ‘closed loop’ environments include 5 and 6 star Hotels and Resorts, Airports, Sporting Stadiums, Airlines and Amusement Parks. Further to this the company is exploring the introduction of reverse-vending machines to capture used bottles and complete the recycling loop in supermarkets and retail outlets

Launch Partner: Eco Island Water is proud to launch through a partnership with the Pan Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur where the water will be exclusively supplied to Formula One Guests, Teams and Fans alike from April 8 – 10, 2011.
Eco Island is soon to announce further partnerships with one of the world’s leading luxury Sports/Racing Car manufacturers, a renowned 5 star Eco Boutique Resort Chain, several other 5 and 6 star Hotel Groups, premium International Airlines and renowned sporting grounds; all looking to treat their guests and customers to Eco Island Water.

Eco Island Water is Australia’s newest and most environmentally innovative premium water brand in providing a sustainable approach coupled with the highest quality water. Eco Island Water is designed for those with both discerning tastes and a discerning conscience.

Source: prweb.com, 2011-04-07.


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