12 August 2007

World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 08/07

FAO’s NWFP-Digest-L is a free e-mail journal that covers all aspects of non-wood forest products. Back issues of the Digest may be found on FAO’s NWFP home page: www.fao.org/forestry/site/12980/en.

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Issue of No. 08/07, 2007-08-10

  • News
    1. Electronic Discussion on NWFPs
    2. Non-wood News
    3. Picking berries protects rain forests best, study shows
    4. UNEP launches 2010 Biodiversity initiative

    5. Bamboo: Panda poop to be recycled into souvenirs
    6. Butterflies: East Africa feels the butterfly effect
    7. Butterflies: Kenyans sell butterflies to save rainforest
    8. Cinnamon helps fight against bird flu
    9. Cinnamon: Lower blood sugar levels by eating cinnamon
    10.Cork: Plastic, not axes, threatens cork forests
    11.Cork is still king, but wine lovers still swayed by taste
    12.Honey: Comvita manuka honey makes US breakthrough
    13.Karite: Breakthrough botanical for joint pain
    14.Medicinal plants: Fighting poverty with herbs and medicinal plants
    15.Medicinal plants: India sows the seeds while China reaps the harvest
    16.Moss plays important role in flood prevention
    17.Myrica gale: Two pints of bog myrtle and a packet of crisps, please…
    18.Truffles: Summer rain boosts UK truffle harvest
    19.Vitex donian: Baboons use contraceptives
    20.Brazil: Price of Brazil nuts plummets in Acre
    21.Cambodia promotes mulberry trees planting, silkworms feeding for silk production
    22.Canada: Maple syrup harvest bittersweet
    23.India: Over 400 native herbal plants on verge of extinction
    24.India: Exports sops elude herbal products
    25.Kenya: KEFRI wants ban on bamboo lifted
    26.Malaysia is taking steps to ensure that the trade in gaharu is sustainable
    27.Papua New Guinea: Manila Copal (Agathis lapillardieri)
    28.Paraguay: ‘Sweet herb’ may be green gold for Paraguay
    29.Uganda’s ‘sex tree’ under threat
    30.United States: Ginseng labelling act introduced in Congress
    31.Vanuatu defends its famous drink
    32.Vietnam: Salt-marsh forests threatened by illegal digging for impotence-curing worms
    33.Zimbabwe: The drug that’s got everyone talking
    34.Poverty Reduction and Forests: Tenure, Market and Policy Reforms
    35.International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation: Roles of traditional forest-related knowledge
    36.Blogging Underutilized Species
    37.Rainforest Alliance online database now features more than 1,000 conservation projects in the Americas
    38.Other publications of interest
    39.Web sites and e-zines
    40.Can trees grow on Mars?
    41.Indian state plants 10 million trees in one day
    42.Join search for Wales’ ancient trees

(Cf. news of 2007-07-19, 2007-07-01 and 2007-04-24.)

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-08-10.

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