16 Februar 2007

World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter of the FAO

The NWFP-Digest-L is an on-line journal of the FAO. It is focusing on issues of note in the world of Non-Wood Forest Products.

Issue of No. 01/07, 2007-01-18

    1. Agarwood in Thailand: Investors can harvest big returns from wood
    2. Atemesia annua: Kenya embarks on new anti-malaria drug
    3. Bamboo in Malaysia: Traditional tunes from the bamboo
    4. Bamboo bullet proof jackets and igloos
    5. Bamboo leaf extract to stop acrylamide formation?
    6. Bark: Tree bark molecule may combat malaria
    7. “Gum arabic is an ultra-strategic commodity”
    8. Medicinal plants: China beats India in medicinal plants
    9. Medicinal plants: 1,792 species of plants in Nepal used as medicine: book
    10.Shea Butter again emerges as key ingredient in skin care
    11.Silk: Indian Government is putting emphasis on forest-grown silk
    12.Stevia: Chinese company doubles stevia production capacity
    13.Truffles: France’s truffle producers sniff out EU subsidy
    14.Armenia: The forest is receding
    15.Australian Aborigines win East Coast land claim
    16.Belize: I-A Commission says GOB must protect indigenous people of Toledo
    17.Brazil: Project in the Baú Indigenous Land makes its first sale of certified oil
    18.Cuba: Bee honey production up in Las Tunas
    19.India: Exploited forest dwellers now legal
    20.India: Living with forests – Debate rages over Tribal Bill
    21.India: JK set to become hub of herbal entrepreneurship
    22.India: Bamboo mission aims at generating job opportunities
    23.Italy: Bugs threaten Italian chestnuts
    24.Kenya: Farmers seek authority to keep bees in forest
    25.Malaysia: NGO fears Malaysia-US FTA will make medicine costlier
    26.Peru: Libido-enhancing root central in bioprospecting dispute
    27.Qatar: Boom in sales of honey
    28.Romanian forestry sector to get funds of over one billion euros
    29.Uganda: Rainforest scheme ‘ruins lives in Uganda’
    30.Uganda’s honey good for EU market
    31.United States: Maple syrup industry facing sticky situation
    32.Zimbabwe: Firm facilitates planting of over 500 000 trees
  • NEWS
    33.Birch distillate helps in controlling agricultural weeds and pests
    34.Gordon and Betty Moore visiting fellowships for tropical forest conservation in the Andes-Amazon Region
    35.MSc in Managing Sustainable Mountain Development
    36.Online Academic Course on NTFP Culture & Management available
    37.OrganicLink: A web portal to help developing countries trade organic products
    38.Ph.D. positions in Brazil
    39.Video: Coconut assessment in Rotuma (Fiji) for biofuel production
    40.Iran International Kish Green Week Exhibition
    41.Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An international dialogue on sustainable development
    42.UNDP Regional Technical Advisor for Biodiversity(2 positions)
    43.FAO, Chief, Forest Conservation Service
    44.Participatory Biological Monitoring Handbook (Pilz, Ballard, Jones)
    45.Unasylva 224, Forests and human health – now online
    46.Other publications of interest
    47.Brazil gambles on monitoring of Amazon loggers
    48.Dell says plant a tree, help the environment
    49.Thailand tree apes use song as warning

Issue of No. 02/07, 2007-02-16

    1. Bamboo: Bambrotex to act against illegal bamboo fiber suppliers in Turkey
    2. Bamboo in India: Bamboo craft training for Manipur youth
    3. Bamboo in the Philippines: Trader vows to help bamboo industry
    4. Bamboo in the Philippines: NegOr picks up challenge to boost bamboo supply
    5. Bark: Pine bark extract shows promise for slowing sugar uptake
    6. Brazil nuts as an alternative energy source
    7. Brazil nuts’ path to preservation
    8. Bushmeat: Recent mountain gorilla killings spark fears for species’ survival
    9. Camu camu: Peruvian camu camu fruit conquers Japan
    10.Cork Quality Council announces natural cork rated “most appropriate” closure for all occasions
    11.Cork: French wine cork maker Oeneo 2006 sales dip
    12.Fungi found in Singapore reserve has medicinal potential
    13.Fungi: Research into medicinal value of fungi
    14.Gum arabic as a phytochemical construct for the stabilization of gold nanoparticles
    15.Honey: Nigerian Government battles poverty with honey factory
    16.Honey: Rare New Zealand honey leads to sweet importing business
    17.Lac in India: Chhattisgarh threat to former lac leader – Lack of production is affecting tribal populace in the state
    18.Seabuckthorn brings new dawn for Lahaul (India)
    19.Shea butter industry in Ghana gets boost
    20.Australia: $3m funding announced for old-growth forest ecotourism
    21.Bangladesh: Eco-park work resumes ignoring plights of indigenous people
    22.Brazil: Consulta pública para uso del conocimiento tradicional
    23.Cameroon: German MPs astonished at misuse of forest resources
    24.Canada: Eco-funding deal reached for Canadian rainforest
    25.Czech Republic: EU-funded promotion to boost honey consumption
    26.Ethiopia: Saving Ethiopia’s forest, and its cutters
    27.Georgia: Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and Borjomi State Nature Reserve – First PAN Park of the Caucasus
    28.Iran’s share of worldwide medicinal plant trade barely 2%
    29.Nigeria risks extinction of forest by 2010
    30.Nigeria: raffia and bark cloth weaving
    31.Russia: growing market for wild fungi and berries
    32.Vietnam: Ha Tay builds villages for bamboo exports
    33.Vietnam: Herbal remedy firm vies for UN prize
    34.Zimbabwe: Promote wild plant foods
  • NEWS
    35.Alcan Prize for Sustainability 2007
    36.Biodiversity quickly erodes in forest fragments
    37.Borneo conservation deal signed
    38.British scientist wins Japan prize for tropical forest research
    39.Entrepreneurs don’t grow on trees
    40.New industry standard for collection of wild plants
    41.Non-wood News
    42.Wildlife: U.S. urges tougher policing of wildlife black market
    43.2007 ForestLeadership Awards – nomination period officially open
    44.Non-Timber Forest Products
    45.National Seminar on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
    46.Tradition to Technology Conference
    47.2007 International Conference on Forest and Woodland History
    48.4th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference
    49.International Symposium “Underutilized Plants for food, nutrition, income and sustainable development”
    50.Coordonnateur Régional (Conseiller Technique), FAO Project GCP/RAF/408/EC
    51.Director, Centre for Non Timber Resources, Royal Roads University, Canada
    52.Request for information: Ummemezi (Cassipourea flanaganii)
    53.Other publications of interest
    54.Web sites and e-zines
    55.Brazil Amazon lost 13% of virgin forest in 2000-2003
    56.Group of rare vultures found in Cambodia

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Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-01-18 and 2007-02-16.

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