5 März 2007

World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 03/07

The NWFP-Digest-L is an on-line journal of the FAO. It is focusing on issues of note in the world of Non-Wood Forest Products.

Issue of No. 03/07, 2007-03-02

    1. Açaí: Brazil regains ‘açaí’ trademark from Japan
    2. Allspice: High demand for pimento
    3. Bamboo: Hong Kong skyscrapers made of bamboo
    4. Bamboo: NIDian develops bamboo shelter prototype that’s ideal for beaches
    5. Bushmeat: NYC immigrant at center of bushmeat case
    6. Edible insects: Eating worms and protecting parks Namibia
    7. Honey: New study of Spanish varieties
    8. Honey: Aussie bee honey ‘an antibiotic’ in UK
    9. Medicinal plants: Global standard set for wild medicinal plant harvesting
    10.Moringa oleifera used in water treatment projects in Kenya
    11.Oleoresins add flavour to food
    12.Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) can increase infection risk, skin irritation
    13.Truffles in Australia: Fears tax decision to stifle truffle industry
    14.Angola: German NGO for dissemination of natural medicine
    15.Bangladesh drafts poachers to protect forest
    16.Brazil: Warming may kill off Brazil species, studies find
    17.Brazil’s dream project: bringing moribund Atlantic rainforest back
    18.Brunei: firms and groups invited to propose projects to tap nation’s forests
    19.Costa Rica: Children’s eternal rainforest
    20.Ecuador: Eco-tourism hope for Ecuador tribes
    21.Ethiopia: Workshop for promoting the sustainable development of Ethiopian bamboo – results
    22.Honduras: Artesanías con acículas de pino
    23.Israel’s Bedouin women turn desert plants into skin remedies
    24.Liberia: New trust fund will finance protection of some 30% of forests
    25.Malaysia: Forest nomads blockade logging road
    26.Namibia: Medicinal plant growing in importance
    27.Pakistan: Weeklong drive to plant 300,000 trees starts Monday
    28.Philippines: Upland dwellers tapped to manage forest resource
    29.Scotland: ‘Wild Products’ Sector Research and Development
    30.Uganda: Aloe vera farmers to get sh1b plant
    31.Vietnam: Traditional medical museum opens
  • NEWS
    32.Africa: Scientists count Africa’s ecological riches
    33.BioTrade in native natural ingredients
    34.Ecotourism: Caribbean gathering to bring ecotourism to the forefront of tourism
    35.Eighteenth session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO)
    36.Empowering women entrepreneurs in developing countries
    37.Film: Let’s know medicinal herbs
    38.Formation sur Sylviculture truffière multifonctionnelle et trufficulture
    39.Global ecotourism conference
    40.Youth Encounter on Sustainability “YES 2007″
    41.Director, Centre for Non Timber Resources, Royal Roads University, Canada (Revised)
    42.Request for information: bamboo/bamboo charcoal as renewable energy
    43.Other publications of interest
    44.Web sites and e-zines
    45.Afghan women grow trees to lift their own lives
    46.Indonesia: Illegal logging hits Asian forests, orangutans – UN

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(Cf. news of 2007-02-16.)

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-03-02.

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