29 März 2007

World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 04/07

The NWFP-Digest-L is an on-line journal of the FAO. It is focusing on issues of note in the world of Non-Wood Forest Products.

Issue of No. 04/07, 2007-03-29

    1. Artemisia annua: WHO publishes guidelines on cultivating essential plant used in anti-malaria medicines
    2. Bamboo: Dry skin finds relief with nature’s new miracle fiber
    3. Bamboo: Botanists Identify new species of North American bamboo
    4. Bamboo: Three pulp mills are to be constructed in Ethiopia
    5. Bark: Tree bark extract shows promise against retinoblastoma
    6. Bushmeat in the USA: Illegal bushmeat trade thriving in bay area
    7. Camu camu fruit exports from Peru increased 134.5%
    8. Cinnamon: Studies show cinnamon may help fight against Type 2 diabetes
    9. Cork: Major cork suppliers back South African Cork Council
    10. Cork: Why screwtop wine could spell bad eco news
    11. Edible insects in China caught on tape
    12. Gum arabic: CNI launches functional, nutritional texturiser
    13. Honey in Australia: Beekeepers enjoy massive honey harvest
    14. Sandalwood: Two arrested in Kenya with Sh10 million rare wood
    15. Truffle: Man finds way to grow famed French truffle in East Tennessee, USA

    16. Armenia Tree Project receives $100,000 grant to partner with Yale University
    17. Bangladesh: commercial cultivation of Jatropha curcas L. for diesel oil
    18. Brunei: Rainforest protection requires global effort
    19. Bulgaria: Parliament approves Biodiversity Bill on first reading
    20. Bulgarian Health Ministry demands information about import of all kinds of nuts
    21. China moves to protect traditional knowledge
    22. Cuba: Camagüey boosts bamboo plantations
    23. Ethiopia: Biodiversity Conservation Institute striving to utilize, conserve medicinal plants
    24. Fiji: Turning bamboo into wealth
    25. India: boost to bamboo cultivation
    26. Peru creates online biodiversity register
    27. Tanzania: Bamboo a potential saviour of poor kids
  • NEWS
    28. Africa losing forest faster than any other continent
    29. Bees for Development Beekeepers’ Safaris
    30. Biodiversity ‘fundamental’ to economics
    31. Biodiversity and Climate Change: International Day for Biological Diversity, 22 May 2007
    32. FAO Committee on Forestry
    33. Rwanda to host International Biodiversity Conference
    34. The Republic of Korea joins Japan to support an FAO forestry project for the first time
    35. 2007 Bamboo Study Tour
    36. Ginseng & Goldenseal Workshop
    37. 10th North American Agroforestry Conference
    38. The role of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation
    39. International Summer School “Forestry Markets and Society”
    40. The First Regional Scientific Conference on Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine
    41. Scientific framework of environmental and forest governance — The role of discourses and expertise
    42. International Conference to Promote the Development of Non-Timber Forest Products and Services
    43. Request for contributions to the next issue of Non-wood News
    44. Call for expressions of interest: Forests, trees and human health and well-being
    45. Call for grant applications from indigenous peoples’ organizations and their communities
    46. Request for information on forest monitoring by local communities
    47. State of the World’s Forests 2007
    48. Traditional medicine of the Marshall Islands: the women, the plants, the treatments
    49. Other publications of interest
    50. Web sites and e-zines
    51. Amazon rainforest does have rainy and dry seasons
    52. Billion Tree Campaign gets pledges totalling 562M trees since January
    53. Nicaragua: Birds of El Jagua
    54. Wildlife groups urge China to keep tiger trade ban

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(Cf. news of 2007-03-05 and 2007-02-16.)

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-03-29.

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