24 April 2007

World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 05/07

The NWFP-Digest-L is an on-line journal of the FAO. It is focusing on issues of note in the world of Non-Wood Forest Products.

Issue of No. 05/07, 2007-04-24

    1. Acorns: Cold snap could cause problems for hunters (USA)
    2. Bamboo in Bhutan: Using bamboo instead of wood
    3. Bamboo: Earthquake-proof houses are successfully test shaken at Colorado State University
    4. Bamboo in India: Bamboo boost for Mizoram
    5. Bamboo in India: Fruits appear in bamboo bushes
    6. Bamboo in India: IGNOU offers certificate course on bamboo craft
    7. Bamboo in the Philippines: Push for commercial bamboo production in Benguet
    8. Boswellia serrata extract scores well in COX-2 comparison
    9. Bushmeat: Taking hunters to the zoo
    10.Ginseng: The first ginseng genome library established in China
    11.Lac in India: Jaipur’s lac industry is booming
    12.Maple syrup in Canada: Weather blamed for decline in maple syrup production
    13.Maple syrup in the USA: In maple sugar country, creeping fears about climate change
    14.Maple sugar in the USA: Maine law defines ‘pure’ maple syrup
    15.Medicinal plants in Botswana: Hoodia gordonii a rare medicinal hope
    16.Medicinal plants in India: immense potential for export growth of herbal products
    17.Moringa oleifera: NGO develops local plant for water purification in Nigeria
    18.Moringa to assist malnourished children in Ghana
    19.Ramps: Are ramps under threat? (WV, USA)
    20.Sandalwood: Kenyan President Kibaki prohibits trade in rare tree species
    21.Sandalwood: India’s sandalwood raises stink in Nepal
    22.Seabuckthorn: Synergistic Superfruit

    23.Australia: Firm gets green light to develop rainforest-based pharmaceuticals
    24.Bulgaria produces 8,000 tons of honey, half of it is exported
    25.Congo (Democratic Republic): Greenpeace spotlights rainforest damage in DRC
    26.Congo (Republic): U.S. Developer to build hotels in Congo National Park
    27.Guyana: UK high commission donates money to GMTCS
    28.India: Jharkhand to invest 151cr to upgrade sericulture production
    29.India: Orissa weavers use dye of wild flower to colour handspun cloth
    30.Indonesia’s paradise lost – and regained
    31.Iran to improve medicinal herbs cultivation in 2007
    32.Malaysia: Orang asli told to use their knowledge in jungle plants
    33.Malaysia pins hopes on herbal Viagra for biotech push
    34.Vietnam: Medicinal herbs vanish in Son La
  • NEWS
    35.African nations to make traditional medicine safer
    36.African Women’s Development Fund
    37.Cosmetics au naturel ─ because they’re worth a lot
    38.Rainforest protection: New fund to conserve Congo Basin
    39.Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An International Dialogue on Sustainable Development
    40.International Conference on Poverty Reduction and Forests Tenure, Market and Policy Reforms
    41.International Congress on A Global Vision of Forestry in the 21st Century
    42.The Future of forests in Asia and the Pacific: outlook for 2020
    43.3rd Global Summit on Medicinal and Aromatic plants
    44.Bioprospecting: Hands off our genes, say Pacific Islanders
    45.PhD publication
    46.Other publications of interest
    47.Web sites and e-zines
    48.China: Pushing the sands back from Beijing
    49.Costa Rica: Collapse in biodiversity in protected Costa Rican rainforest
    50.Uganda: Poverty destroying forests, says Minister
    51.Vaccination could protect wild apes against ebola virus

(Cf. news of 2007-03-29 and 2007-03-05.)

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-04-24.

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