14 November 2012

World-first wooden wind turbine starts spinning in Germany

The prototype TimberTower is currently undergoing testing, but should be connected to the power grid

Getting a wind turbine to a decent height to allow it to reach stronger winds than those found closer to the ground generally means sitting them atop a tower. Despite the eco-credentials of wind turbines, these towers are usually constructed from steel, which is not only expensive, but requires large amounts of energy to process. In an effort to make wind turbines even greener, German company TimberTower has erected a wooden 1.5-MW wind turbine in Hannover, Germany.

The TimberTower starts as a linked system of glued laminated timber panels and surface components that are manufactured off-site and transported in 12 m (40 ft) containers for on-site assembly into a hollow octagonal tower. The finished prototype tower measures 100 m (328 ft) high, integrates a ladder and lift system, and is topped off with a Vensys 77 wind turbine.

… Full text: www.gizmag.com/timbertower-wooden-wind-turbine/25007/

Tags: FSC certified, PEFC certified, octagonal cross section, recyclable, power grid

Source: www.gizmag.com, 2011-11-14.


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