16 April 2013

Winners of the Biomaterial Award 2013

Converting biogas into thermoplastics, first wall plug made of renewable resources and sustainable household articles from bioplastics

We present you the winners of the biomaterial award 2013, which were elected by the 180 participants of the “6th International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based Plastics & Composites”, 10 – 12 April 2013 in Cologne. Congratulation!

No. 1: Newlight Technologies, LCC: Airflex™ greenhouse gas derived thermoplastics

NEWLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, LLC (“NEWLIGHT”) has developed, patented, and commercialized a game-changing carbon capture and polymer manufacturing technology. On a large-scale basis, NEWLIGHT is converting biogas into high-performance bio-based thermoplastics (PHAs) that can match the performance of a wide range of oil-based plastics while out-competing on price. NEWLIGHT currently produces and sells AirflexTM resins out of the company’s advanced-generation production line in Southern California. Products being produced include furniture items for one of the largest classroom and office furniture manufacturers in the U.S. and food storage containers for a multi-billion dollar international consumer goods manufacturer. More information

No. 2: fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG, bio-PA universal plug UX green

fischerwerke as one of the world’s leading fixings manufacturers has introduced the first wall plug made of renewable resources. Starting from castor oil, the chemical company DuPont is producing Polyamide 6.10 via Sebacic Acid. fischer succeeded to replace the standard fossil-based Polyamide PA6 by the bio-based Polyamide from DuPont. It was possible to create a product with equal or even better performance regarding loads, temperature resistance, long-term behaviour and mechanical properties compared to the standard Universal plug UX. More information

No. 3: 4e solutions GmbH & Tecnaro GmbH: ajaa! – Sustainable household articles from bioplastics – made in Germany

The main goal of ajaa! is to offer household articles, that are manufactured in Germany and made of 100% renewable resources and minerals. Without crude oil and plasticizers. The used materials are sourced locally from Southern Germany in order to keep transportation routes short and CO2 emission low. ajaa! uses a special bio-based material that is mainly derived from the renewable resource sugar, supplemented by minerals and natural waxes. More information

Source: nova-Institute, newsletter, 2013-04-16.


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