22 Mai 2015

Will ZAZA Planet make bottled water an antiquity?

World’s first plant-based durable bottles have launched on Kickstarter

There’s no room for plastic pollution on the ZAZA Planet. This Czech startup is about to hit Kickstarter with the world’s first plant-based and customizable water bottles. Lead by Zuzana Cabejskova (25), who’s long been an advocate of sustainable consumption, ZAZA Planet announces a strong vision: making tap water so appealing and fashionable that you’ll ditch the bottle forever.

“I’ve always felt there’s something profoundly wrong about bottled water. Why are people buying something they could otherwise get for free?” Cabejskova asked the question to over 2000 individuals. “My NGO even conducted tens of blind-tasting experiments to prove that you can’t tell the difference. But I started seeing that the problem wasn’t about reasoning, there was something emotional behind it.”

wImageYears of academic and activist research finally lead to a simple yet powerful conclusion: “Tap water is boring. There’s no story to it, it’s quite dull. We had to turn its fifty shades of grey into something sexy. ZAZA Bottles are the results of our efforts.” And sexy they are: Cabejskova and her team attracted major artists from all around the world to create limited editions for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The tweak is that you can customize the bottle: whatever you wear and wherever you go, your bottle can match.

Customization was one of two building blocks for the new product. Since ZAZA was triggered by the global problem of plastic pollution, sustainability has been a must for the startup. “Our bottles are the first refillable ones made of a plant-based material. The polymer is BPA- and phthalate-free… In other words: Health-approved and Earth-approved.”

TEAMZAZA Planet will be fundraising for their bottles on Kickstarter from 20th May 6:30 UTC. The bottles are only the first step on their mission to a waste-free world: Half of the startup’s profit will go into the construction of public drinking fountains. “We have a whole portfolio of tap-water related products and services in mind. Our goal is to create a system in which you really won’t need to buy packaged beverages.We can’t reveal everything right now but know this: once we’re done, tap water will be the most popular choice for daily hydration!”

The ZAZA Planet Kickstarter campaign is in preview mode on http://kck.st/1DAeqqN. You are welcome to get in touch for more information, or for scheduling an interview.

Source: ZAZA Bottles, press release, 2015-05-13.


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