28 Februar 2018

WeylChem Enters Bio-Based Polymer Market

Member company Allessa  is currently constructing a full-scale production unit for PO3G made from Bio-PDO

WeylChem Group of Companies through its member company Allessa has significantly expanded its product range. Based on a license by Dupont, Allessa is currently constructing a full-scale production unit for Poly(oxytrimethylene)glycol (PO3G), a polymer made from 1,3-propanediol (Bio-PDO), which itself is derived from biological raw materials. Commercial quantities of PO3G will be available from the 2nd half of 2015 onwards.

PO3G has diverse fields of application, for example in high-performance elastomers, performance coatings, ink-jet inks, functional fluids and especially in personal care products, due to its very low toxicity.

Compared to petrochemical alternatives such as PTMEG, PO3G has a significantly lower environmental footprint, saving 40 % in nonrenewable energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42 %, as proven by an ISO 14.000-compliant life cycle analysis.

But “bio-based” is by far not the only advantage. PO3G with its C3-carbon chains shows outstanding performance characteristics which are different from the petroleum-based C2- and C4-alternatives. C3 seems to be just the right kind of balance between hydrocarbon chain and polar oxygen spacers. It offers long durability in end use applications and exhibits excellent thermooxidative stability.

A number of various chain-lengths and grades are available on request. This family of high performance polyols is an ideal replacement for petroleum-based ingredients. This offers numerous advantages in various fields of applications without compromising functionality and increasing the renewable content of final products at the same time.



Peter Talbiersky
WeylChem International GmbH
Phone: +49 (0) 69 506 820 2386
Email: peter.talbiersky@weylchem.com

Source: WeylChem Group, press release, 2018-02-18.


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