17 Februar 2012

Vivergo biorefinery to start operating in late spring

Production is more than 95 per cent finished

The new Vivergo biorefinery being built at Saltend near Hull is nearly complete and the Managing Director of Vivergo Fuels – the joint venture behind the plant – says operations will begin in late sping.

When finished the Vivergo biorefinery will be one of the largest in Europe and each year it will turn 1.1 million tonnes of locally grown feed wheat into 420 million litres of bioethanol and 500,000 tonnes of animal feed.

The plant has been under construction since 2008 and according to Dave Richards, Managing Director of Vivergo Fuels Ltd, should enter commercial operation within the next few months: “What we are saying to the market is late spring,” he said. “When we get up and running, we will want to get up to our full rate as soon and as safely as we can.”

… Full Text: http://www.nnfcc.co.uk/news/vivergo-biorefinery-to-start-operating-in-late-spring

Tags: feed wheat, animal feed byproduct, bioethanol fuel

Source: NNFCC, 2012-02-13.


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