12 Februar 2013

Verdezyne: It’s nylonic, baby

DuPont veteran Ray Millar as new Chief Business Officer turned up company's opportunities in sebacic acid and DDDA

Verdezyne is getting close to changing, perhaps forever, the economics of producing nylon by unshackling it from the oil barrel. And a lot more than nylon, it turns out.

Nylon is, we think, the only polymer that has so immersed itself in the culture that it provides the title for a hot-selling girls’ fashion magazine. And we’re pretty sure that CondéNast is unlikely to ever put Polyethylene terephthalate onto the newsstand with Emma Stone on the cover.

Partly, that’s the huge market. Partly, that’s the myriad consumer applications from stockings to toothbrush fibers. If nylon were an action figure, it would certainly be a Transformer.

Recently, nylon’s most interesting transformations have been less in what it is used to make – as much as how nylon is made. Some transformative fermentation technologies have come along to make nylon from renewables.

… Full text: www.biofuelsdigest.com/biobased/2013/02/12/verdezyne-its-nylonic-baby/

Tags: DDDA, MMA, sebacic acid, adipic acid

Source: BiobasedDigest, 2013-02-12.


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