12 September 2012

US-Germany sign biofuel development accord

The future looks green for US-German relations following an alternative aviation fuels development agreement signed at ILA

German transport minister Peter Ramsauer and US ambassador Philip Murphy signed the pact designed to strengthen co-operation in a bid to develop sustainability standards – with a focus on feedstocks from non-food crops – and to gain approval for new production methods while expanding the raw materials choice for aviation fuel manufacture.

Ramsauer says the agreement aims to “make research and development in alternative aviation fuels even more dynamic”, adding: “International co-operation is needed for the aviation industry to contribute towards energy efficiency and climate protection, because air transport is a mode of transport that crosses borders and oceans.”

… Full Text: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/us-germany-sign-biofuel-development-accord-376363/?

Tags: fuel, second-generation industrial biorefinery, bio-synthetic fuels, raw materials, biokerosene, blending quota

Source: Flight Global, 2012-09-12.


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