3 Juni 2020

TOP Update on the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)

Michael Carus, CEO of nova-Institute, summarises the focus of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI):

„It is not CO2 that is at the core of the climate problem, but the additional fossil carbon that we take out of the ground and which gets released in the atmosphere as CO2 or other emissions. If the inflow is prevented, the CO2 content of the atmosphere will no longer increase. The Renewable Carbon Initiative addresses exactly this core problem: Focus on phasing out fossil resources and use renewable carbon instead!“

RCI- 400 pxnova-Institute is preparing the “Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)”, which will be launched in September. Meanwhile the initiative has really been getting momentum! Already 69 well-known personal supporters have signed.
17 innovative, sustainable companies have already shown interest to become member of the Core Advisory Board of the Initiative. Three companies are already in the process of signing. The Core Advisory Board will develop criteria and conditions for companies, associations and institutes joining the board after the launch, and will also decide on the main activities during and after the launch of RCI for September to December 2020.

Stakeholders’ feedback on our planned RCI is very positive: In May 2020, we asked all participants of the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” in an online survey: “What do you think of the Renewable Carbon Initiative?” And the feedback gave a clear message: 75% agreed with the statement “the right and convincing strategy into a sustainable future”, and only 2% voted on “less good, the different sectors need their own strategies” (23% had no clear opinion).

Please support the initiative! You find all documents on the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) here (latest version of the paper on renewable carbon, list of personal supporters, poster, outline of RCI, information on the Core Advisory Board): www.nova-cloud.info/index.php/s/n34kCSts37SrL6N

nova-Institute has also launched a survey among the 50 largest chemical producers in Europe to determine their use of fossil and renewable carbon (bio-based, CO2 and recycling) in production. The results (incl. a ranking list) will be published with the launch of RCI in September.

Source: nova-Institut GmbH


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