30 März 2007

United Kingdom Pure Plant Oil Association (UKPPOA) recognises the DIN 51605

The United Kingdom Pure Plant Oil Association had its formative meeting in August 2006. The group comprises a wide range of sectors including an agricultural college, farmers, seed pressers, the leading engine conversion companies from across the UK and D.I.Y PPO enthusiasts.

The UKPPOA has recognised the DIN 51605 standard as the associations standard for PPO fuel and is working towards a code of practice for engine conversions to ensure all member groups that convert engines convert them to a high standard.

The formation of the group is to serve several purposes highlighted in the first document the association has produced as a response to a recent HMRC review on the taxation of biofuels. To download a copy of the UK PPO A response to HMRC which is an excellent document outlining the position of the newly formed organisation and raises several important questions sorrounding the development of a national Biofuel plan – just click here (PDF document, 21 pages]

Source: Bloomingfutures, 2006-08.

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