2 November 2005

UK: Plantic® trays in Nestlé Dairy Box


Nestlé UK today announced that Plantic Technologies Ltd’s innovative Plantic® packaging trays are being used in its Dairy Box® boxed chocolate range. This is the first publicly announced use of Plantic® bioplastic in Europe.

Plantic®, an innovative bioplastic developed and commercialised in Australia, has been in use in the Australian market for two years with a range of local manufacturers. The benefits of the Plantic® trays are their lower environmental impact compared to petrochemical plastics whilst still providing the protection, presentation and economics that plastic packaging is expected to deliver.

Plantic® is made from starch, a renewable resource, and is compostable and biodegradable. The most unusual feature of Plantic® is its reaction to water. It immediately begins to disintegrate upon contact with water.

“We are very excited to be working with Nestlé on this packaging initiative”, commented Frank Glatz, the General Manager of Plantic Technologies in Europe. “We believe their decision to utilise Plantic for Dairy Box validates the benefits of the technology to the environment and shows that Plantic is a high-quality packaging option”.

“We also know that people of all ages like to see the Plantic tray disappear when it gets wet, and importantly at a deeper level, understand the environmental benefits offered by a starch tray that biodegrades readily”, he continued.

Plantic Technologies is an Australian company with subsidiaries and staff in the UK as well as Germany and the Netherlands. Other uses of Plantic are expected to be announced shortly in the food sector and in other industries.

For further information please contact:
Mr Frank Glatz, Mr Mark Fink
General Manager Europe Communications & Business Development
Mobile D + 49 170 790 7455
Mobile UK + 44 7816 371 412
Email: frankg@plantic.co.uk
Email: markf@plantic.co

Source: Plantic press release of Oct. 28, 2005.

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