30 November 2005

UK: North coast sugar industry to benefit from biofuels decision

The New South Wales Government’s plan to make all its vehicles use biofuels is expected to bring financial benefits to the sugar industry on the north coast. The Member for Tweed, Neville Newell, says the proposal opens up more opportunities to make the sugar industry profitable in the long-term.

The current government fuel contract ends in June next year. Mr Newell says sugar from Queensland will be used for biofuel production, opening up the domestic and export markets for NSW. “Particularly Queensland, we would see more of their sugar pushed from the domestic and export market into a biofuel production of ethanol and that would see that our industry here … facing less competition,” he said.

“So it would be good, it would help underwrite the floor price for our domestic sugar and so strengthen our industry here on the north coast.”

Source: ABC News online, news of 2005-11-29.

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