8 April 2014

TPUs from renewable sources

LARIPUR RS family’s products are processable with common industrial equipments

COIM is glad to announce the introduction of a new series of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) based on renewable raw materials, marketed under the LARIPUR RS brand.

COIM Group’s R&D center of Offanengo (Italy) has been focusing in developing products which combine the highest possible content of raw materials derived from renewable sources and excellent physical-mechanical properties.

This outstanding combination makes LARIPUR RS the best choice to manufacture high performance items while meeting the increasing request for sustainable materials from the end users. The LARIPUR RS family includes a diversified range of products with a variety of properties, thus covering all traditional applications of TPU. LARIPUR RS family’s products are processable with the equipments commonly available in the industry.

COIM has set sustainability as the highest priority in the corporate policy and it is fully committed in dedicating its resources in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of its products and activities.

Source: COIM, press release, 2014-03-20.


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