8 Januar 2013

Top Molecules: The DOE’s 12 Top Biobased List – what’s worked out?

136,000 downloads later – let’s look at why this DOE paper on renewable chemicals from 2004 is such an enduring hit, and which of its 12 target molecules are looking like winners

It may not have a sexy title, and certainly won’t give Tom Cruise and Top Gun a run for their money — but Top Molecules is, as papers go, one of the better predictors of the future we’ve seen.

A survey completed by staff led by Gene Petersen (now a DOE Project officer) and Todd Werpy, at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and NREL, from all the way back in 2004, has earned 136,366 downloads, and gives the gives the down-low on why 12 bio-based chemicals matter more than others.

Here’s the actual report, for free download.

And, here’s the less-than-silverphrased list.

  • 1,4 succinic, fumaric and malic acids
  • 2,5 furan dicarboxylic acid
  • 3 hydroxy propionic acid
  • aspartic acid
  • glucaric acid
  • glutamic acid
  • itaconic acid
  • levulinic acid
  • 3-hydroxybutyrolactone
  • glycerol
  • sorbitol
  • xylitol/arabinitol

…Full Text: www.biofuelsdigest.com/biobased/2013/01/08/top-molecules-the-does-12-top-biobased-list-whats-worked-out/

Tags: 1,4 succinic, fumaric and malic acids, 2,5 furan dicarboxylic acid, 3 hydroxy propionic acid, aspartic acid, glucaric acid, glutamic acid, itaconic acid, levulinic acid, 3-hydroxybutyrolactone, glycerol, sorbitol, xylitol/arabinitol

Source: BiofuelsDigest, 2013-01-08.


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