25 Mai 2013

The viability of aviation biofuels: new results from Australia

Ground-breaking Australian study benchmarks biofuel pricing

Ground-breaking Australian research on the viability of aviation biofuels was released last Friday, at the culmination of almost three years of work by The University of Queensland, James Cook University, The Boeing Company, Virgin Australia, Mackay Sugar and IOR Energy.

The results of the unique study as part of the Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative have been published in the international journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining and were presented at the Boeing-hosted Aero Environment Summit in Sydney.

Full text: ilbioeconomista.com/2013/05/25/the-viability-of-aviation-biofuels-new-results-from-australia/?goback=.gde_4616762_member_244064586

Tags: techno-economic modelling, harvesting technologies, high-protein, by-product, sugarcane, manufacturing plants

Source: Il Bioeconomista, 2013-05-25.


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