16 Mai 2013

The paper is the circuit: Scientists create graphite-based paper circuitry

Heated catalyst changing cellulose fibers into pure conductive graphite

Given the low costs and extensive applications that could be possible with flexible paper circuit boards, we’ve seen many ideas for their production, from printing with silver ink to embedding chips within paper. Now, however, scientists have developed an elegant method for selectively changing the very nature of the paper itself into conductive graphite. Unlike polymer-based flexible circuits, these paper circuits are, ironically, able to withstand the high temperatures generally used in the production of electronics.

Using an ordinary inkjet printer loaded with a cartridge of an iron nitrate catalyst, the team at Germany’s Max Planck Institute prints their target designs onto ordinary paper.

… Full text: www.gizmag.com/paper-graphite-flexible-circuits/27545/

Tags: conductive structure, catalyst, copper-coated, graphite, graphene, nanotubes

Source: gizmag, 2013-05-16.


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