12 Juni 2012

The Bio-Based Revolution – 10,000 ways to replace a barrel of imported oil?

BioBased Digest launches to help sort out the news and products in this fast-growing sector

Also introducing BioBase, which will launch in conjunction with Advanced Biofuels Markets this October in San Francisco.

When the USDA announced recently that there are 3,700 bio-based products now approved in its BioPreferred catalog, which is used by government buyers, we weren’t a bit surprised by the trend, but the rapid rate of growth and change is impressive and a welcome shocker.

…Full Text: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2012/06/12/the-bio-based-revolution/

Tags: BioPreferred, BioBased Digest, BioBase 2012

Source: BiofuelsDigest, 2012-06-12.


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