3 November 2011

TENCEL® and Lenzing FR® Fibers Earn Prestigious USDA Certification for Sustainability

Qualify for BioPreferred Purchasing Program for US Government Agencies and Contractors

Lenzing, a worldwide leader in the production of innovative high performance cellulose fibers, announces that TENCEL® and Lenzing FR® fibers have been certified as 100% Biobased by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Biobased certification is part of the BioPreferred program which encourages government agencies and contractors to purchase products that are biobased or made from significant amounts of biobased materials. The purpose of the BioPreferred program is to increase the government’s use of environmentally-friendly products and to support the farmers, suppliers, and manufacturers who provide “green” jobs and create more sustainable products and markets.

Biobased products are made of ingredients derived from renewable resources such as biological products, agricultural materials, forestry products, or marine products. In order to use the USDA’s Biobased label, products must be tested and must meet the following criteria:

  • The product must be composed of or manufactured from biobased materials.
  • At least 25% of the carbon in the product must come from non-fossil sources. Products are tested to analyze the ratio of Carbon 14 to Carbon 12 to determine whether the carbon in the product is from newer, renewable sources or older, fossil-based sources.
  • The product is made in a designated country. (Austria and the UK are designated for this program; China and India are not.)
  • The product was not on the market in 1972.

In addition to being 100% Biobased and made from wood, Lenzing FR® and TENCEL® are both high performance cellulose fibers that deliver unique and highly valuable benefits that make garments safer, cooler, drier, and more comfortable for those who are expected to perform under strenuous and physically challenging conditions. Garments and textile products that are made with at least 25% Lenzing FR® or TENCEL® and are manufactured in a designated country may be eligible to apply for Biobased preferred procurement status under the government’s BioPreferred program. Lenzing personnel can assist customers with the application and certification process.

About TENCEL® and Lenzing FR® fibers
Made from sustainable beech wood, TENCEL® cellulose fiber is specially constructed with tiny, hydrophilic fibrils that give the fiber its special performance features. The first cellulose fiber ever designed with this unique feature, TENCEL®’s fibrils yield fabrics with superior moisture management and cooling properties. Plus TENCEL® is smooth and comfortable against the skin.

Lenzing FR® is a specialty cellulose fiber that provides outstanding thermal insulation to protect skin from extreme heat sources such as flame, electric arc, and heat-intensive industrial operations. When blended with aramid fibers, Lenzing FR® significantly improves heat transfer index performance. Plus, Lenzing FR’s inherent moisture management properties make protective garments more comfortable, reducing physical stress and exertion which can be detrimental to the wearer’s performance and safety.

Business Unit Textile Fibers is part of the Lenzing Group

The Lenzing Group
The Lenzing Group is an international group of companies with headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets and a global network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing provides the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality cellulose fibers. The company is the leading supplier in many business-to-business markets – from cellulose fibers to special plastic polymer products.

Lenzing quality and Lenzing innovative power set standards for man-made cellulose fibers world-wide. More than seventy years of fiber production expertise make us the only producer world-wide of all three man-made cellulose fiber generations, from classic viscose to modal and lyocell. Lenzing’s unique combination of consistent customer orientation with leadership in quality, innovation and technology is the foundation of our success.

Lenzing is committed to the principles of sustainable management and very high environmental standards.
Lenzing’s core business fibers and plastics are complemented by our activities in business field engineering.

Key Figures Lenzing Group 2010:
Sales: EUR 1.77 bill.
Export share: 91.3 %
Fiber production: 653,717 tons
Staff: 6,530

Source: Lenzing, press release, 2011-11-03.


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