26 April 2016

Temocillin Disodium Salt in Bulk is Available at BOC Sciences

New company's official launch of several chemicals as a beginning point, custom service as another aspect to expanding

BOC Sciences released 12 key chemical products last week, among which, temocillin disodium salt is featured. As one of the leading professional chemical supplier in USA, BOC Sciences will continuously promote more chemical products to meet various needs in pharmaceutical production and researches while keep the quality at high levels.

Temocillin disodium salt is accessible at BOC Sciences in a wide range from milligrams to kilos and any other amount level can be met. With enterprise standard, the quality of temocillin disodium salt can be ensured. Certificate of analysis is available online at the official site of BOC Sciences, as well as other basic information, and all is retested every two years to ensure the accuracy.

Together with temocillin disodium salt, there were 11 other chemicals were released, including API Succimer, Celastrol , Gramicidin S, PTZ-343, Distamycin A hydrochloride, T 705, Nicotinamide, Riboside, Nicotinamide Riboside Triflate, Omapatrilat/Vanlev, Salcaprozate sodium, and 4-(1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-7-((2-(trimethylsilyl)ethoxy) methyl)-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine, as a result of related applications getting important. All of these chemicals can be offered at any amount, like any other chemicals. Special needs will also be met with effort.

The official launch of these chemicals is a beginning point, from where there will be more improvement both in variety and quality. Custom service is another aspect that the company will concentrate to expanding, including bioconjugation, isotope labeling, synthesis, crystallization and etc. Subsequently, more chemicals will be launched in the company’s product line.


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BOC Sciences is proficient in providing chemicals in a wide range, related services are also supplied. Custom manufacturing of the chemicals for pharmaceutical researches and production is provided. With more than ten years’ experience in the field, customized services can be offered in an efficient and reliable manner. After the release of the 12 feature chemicals according to the needs trend, there will be more such promotions to meet the special needs in a certain period. For more information about Temocillin disodium salt, please visit the site.



Linna Green
BOC Sciences Inc.
Phone: 5166698109
Email: account@bocsci.com

Source: BOC Sciences, press release, 2016-04-19.


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