4 August 2005

Temafa – new member of Dilo System Group

There has been an important new development following Temafa‘s many years of co-operation with Dilo as a reliable partner in the machine business. With effect from May 200, Dilo acquired a majority interest in this company and therefore integrated Temafa and its technically / technologically attractive machine programme in the Group portfolio.

What is especially significant in this context alongside the solutions for fibre opening and for blending the wide variety of nonwoven fibre components is the Temafa family of machines for processing natural fibres (including fibre removal equipment). They are becoming more and more crucial – above all in car manufacturing – particularly when consideration is given to the rising oil prices or environmental concerns.

With this in mind, Temafa has taken advantage of its machine manufacturing to develop the mechanical system for processing renewable raw materials known as “LinLine”. This concept includes all the main components of afibre opening and blending line, such as the Lin bale opener, Lin structure crusher, Lin cleaner, Lin pedal agitator, Lin crusher, stage cleaner and Lin opener.

The modular structure of the line enables a flexible machine concept to be implemented, i.e. the raw material used and the requirements of the end product determine the nature and number of the individual components. Some examples of the various lines that have been realised:

  • Line for the production of nonwoven fibres from flax straw provided in round or rectangular bales

  • Line for processing kenaf straw with a residual shive content of the nonwoven fibre of less than 1%
  • Processing line for the productin of cotonised flax fibres for use in spinning operations

Source: avr-online 4/2005 Aug. 04, 2005.

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