16 September 2013

TEGO® Care PBS 6 – A PEG-free O/W emulsifier for challenging fluid emulsions

New eco-friendly emulsifier for formulation of modern sun care products

One of the megatrends in the field of personal care and cosmetics is sustainability. Simultaneously, the protection against UV rays is a major topic as well in the cosmetic market.

Hence, the ability to emulsify and stabilize UV filters is a key property for raw materials, especially for emulsifiers. To address these trends, TEGO® Care PBS 6, a novel, unique and eco-friendly polyglyceryl based emulsifier was developed. The emulsifier is fully based on renewable sources. Thus, TEGO® Care PBS 6 is NATRUE as well as ECOCERT approved natural.

TEGO® Care PBS 6 covers the need of sustainability while providing the emulsification stability of sun care formulations containing a high load of water soluble UV filters or other challenging ingredients. Stability tests including different raw materials like water soluble UV filters, insect repellents and natural preservatives have been performed. All these tests have confirmed that TEGO® Care PBS 6 is a powerful O/W emulsifier particularly suitable for low-viscous sun care lotions and sprays. Beside its excellent stabilization capacities this new emulsifier provides moisturizing properties as proven in an in vivo study.

Possible applications for TEGO® Care PBS 6 are sun care lotions and sprays, as well as insect repellent applications, facial serums for daily SPF protection or natural based lotion.

An additional benefit of the newly launched emulsifier is that TEGO® Care PBS 6 is SFDA registered.

TEGO® Care PBS 6 will be the focus of a technical presentation Thursday, Sept 19th at the Sunscreen Symposium in Orlando, Florida Sept. 19th till 21st 2013, by Achim Friedrich, Ph.D.

Source: Evonik, press release, 2013-09-16.


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