11 September 2014

Sylvin Technologies caters to sustainability needs of its customers

New 32 series compounds containing plant-based plasticizer derived from renewable local feedstock

Sylvin Technologies is a leading manufacturer of vinyl compounds committed, as the company puts it “to finding new ways to formulate traditional and new compounds with minimal or no defined hazardous ingredients, as well as offer more eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible.”

At this Pennsylvania, USA-based company, where environmental compliance is a core competency, sustainability and eco-friendliness are written large.

In response to demand for a highly efficient yet more environmentally friendly alternative to general purpose flexible PVC, Sylvin Technologies has developed a series of non-sylvinphthalate, bio-based compounds. Sylvin’s 32 series is formulated with a plant-based plasticizer derived from renewable local feedstock. These bio-based compounds have the same feel, flexibility and ease of processing as traditional flexible vinyl compounds. The compounds are available in clear or can be custom colored and developed to meet most conventional PVC compound applications.

Sylvin’s bio-based phthalate-free compounds provide a number of key performance characteristics, including reduced density, resulting in more parts per pound and improved plasticizer migration properties. The compounds are processed in the same way as GP vinyl and, says the company, are competitively priced. As they are plant-based, the compounds have a lower carbon footprint than the comparable oil-based traditionally used, and offer a reduced water and energy consumption throughout the life cycle.

Sylvin Technologies Sylvin has extensive research and development capabilities. The company’s R&D is focused on formulating and testing custom compounds to meet all customer requirements. Sylvin Technologies offers a full line of standard and custom formulations for a broad range of markets and applications.

Source: Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2014-09-03.


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