11 Juni 2018

Sustainable skin care products in sustainable packaging

Company opted to Braskem’s ‘I’m Green’ sugar-based polyethylene for all its packaging

wImage.phpAccording to grums aarhus, coffee grounds refresh and firm the skin, are anti-inflammatory and enhance the circulation. Best of all, they don’t harm the environment when they go down the drain.

For this company, choosing the right packaging was very important. Braskem’s ‘I’m Green’ sugar-based polyethylene offered the sustainablility credentials grums was looking for. The company opted to plant-based plastic for all its packaging and by doing so, will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its packaging, as well as the use of fossil resources. For every kg of I’m green polyethylene used ,more than 5 kg of CO2 is saved.

“We contacted more than 50 packaging suppliers to find exactly what we needed – a green solution. When making an innovative and sustainable product as a brand you also want the packaging of the product to share the same values. By using packaging made from sugar cane our products are complete. This is also one of our selling points and it adds storytelling to our products which we, and our customers, enjoy. We are very glad that Braskem is making these greener solutions that we want to support and make use of in our company,” says Mikkel Knudsen, founder of grums.

Source: Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2018-06-04.


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