24 Juni 2013

Sustainable Refining LLC Company Launch

Sustainable Refining announces the launch of its non-petroleum, bio-based line of Cutting, Hydraulic and Bar & Chain Oils for industrial and commercial use

Sustainable Refining, LLC, announced today the launch of its renewable bio-based line of Cutting, Hydraulic and Bar & Chain Oils for industrial and commercial use. These non-petroleum based oils are manufactured using a 100% vegetable oil blend refined with proprietary additives giving them the lubricity, anti-oxidation, adhesion, flash point and pour-point characteristics sufficient to compete with petroleum based products now commonly used in multiple industries across the globe.

Greg Eaton, Associate Director of Product Development at Sustainable Refining commented, “Originally we had to make a decision. Were we going to create products incorporating just enough green technology to get customers to say, “Oh well, at least they’re trying.” Or, were we going to create products with a focus on protecting human health and the environment, manufactured from renewable, sustainable, carbon-neutral, ingredients? It wasn’t a hard decision.”

The technical team at Sustainable Refining spent many months pooling their knowledge and seeking outside information from other chemists and engineers versed in the industrial lubrication industry, before starting their product formulation testing. Eaton further commented, “Things formulated in a lab setting don’t always play out in an industrial setting the way they were planned, so each product requires actual industry testing before coming to market.”

Sun Private Equities, of Palm Beach, Florida, a major equity participant in the venture, supplied business and technical expertise as well as startup funding. Laura Pearlman, spokesperson for Sun PE stated, “We are pleased with the progress made with this new venture and look forward to a growth pattern benefiting all of the stakeholders, including the employees, principles and affiliates.”

Sustainable Refining has multiple, additional, new vegetable-based industrial products in various stages of development.

Source: Sustainable Refining LLC, press release, 2013-06-24.


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