12 Dezember 2013

Sustainable Refining Launches Vegetable Oil Bio-based Vehicle Undercoating System

Sustainable Refining announces the launch of its renewable vehicle undercoating, formulated to seal out corrosive elements and protect vehicles from rust damage

Sustainable Refining announces the launch of its GS-2000 vegetable oil bio-based rust protectant undercoating for both private and commercial vehicles. In the course of daily usage, vehicles are exposed to various corrosive elements. Over time, road salt, anti-dust treatments, road dirt, fertilizers and pesticides can contribute to major body and undercarriage damage. GS-2000 seals out moisture and other corrosive elements, protecting vehicles from rust damage.

Uniquely formulated to retard oxidation, GS-2000 protects the vehicle undercarriage as well as brake lines, parking brake and shift cables, fuel lines, electrical connections and other sensitive components from corrosive degradation. Applied directly to the vehicle underbody, GS-2000 locks out harmful chemicals and repels moisture, creating a protective barrier. A 100% renewable sustainable non-petroleum bio-based product, the GS-2000 has been tested to withstand even the harshest winter driving conditions.

Greg Eaton, Associate Director of Product Development at Sustainable Refining commented, “GS-2000 is both better for your car and better for the environment. Our technical team worked for over a year to develop a superior environmentally friendly product, capable of withstanding the harshest of winter driving conditions. It’s the right product for the job.”

Many undercoating services on the market utilize toxic petroleum based oils, or in the worst cases, re-purpose used motor oil for undercarriage coating. Both of these solutions are bad for the environment and, in the later case, bad for the vehicle. GS-2000 is only applied by trained technicians at certified centers, so consumers can be assured of best practices in application.

Sustainable Refining is a leading manufacturer of renewable, vegetable-based industrial grade lubricants and oils based in New Hampshire. In addition to GS-2000, Sustainable Refining manufactures hydraulic oil, bar & chain oil, and cutting oil for domestic and international markets.

Source: Sustainable Refining, press release, 2013-12-05.


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