9 März 2012

Survey: bioplastics go Asia – market trends and interests

Where is the journey going?

“The future is in Asia”. “Asia will overtake us (Europe) soon.” “We are already heavily investing in the markets there or will do so soon.” Statements like these could and can be heard on every bioplastics industry event throughout Europe, also during the 6th European Bioplastics Conference last December in Berlin.

There is no doubt, with a growing number of interested and involved companies, new innovative products and quickly increasing production capacities – bioplastics are definitely on the rise in Asia. But where is the journey going? Which are the specific interests of . European or US-bioplastic companies in the Asian market? What could be their future role in Asia?

… Full Text: http://en.european-bioplastics.org/blog/2012/03/09/survey-bioplastics-go-asia-market-trends-and-interests/

Tags: bioplastics industry, short survey

Source: European-Bioplastics, 2012-03-09.


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