31 Oktober 2001

Support the International Hemp Association – NEW: “Journal of Industrial Hemp”

Dear prospective IHA member,

Thanks for your interest in the International Hemp Association (IHA). The IHA is dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis, through the dissemination of information. Please refer to past issues of the “Journal of the International Hemp Association” (JIHA) for a detailed look at our aims and accomplishments.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally invite you to join the IHA and subscribe to the upcoming “Journal of Industrial Hemp” (JIH).

This peer-reviewed journal will be the successor of the JIHA and will be published by Haworth Press of Binghamton, NY commencing in spring of the year 2002. Plans call for two issues per year. We welcome article submissions at any time, and appreciate your suggestions. Like its predecessor, the JIH will publish original peer-reviewed research and literature reviews on hemp. The journal will also include book and conference reviews, conference announcements, museum and regional reports.

The JIH will be a forum for expanded discussions of scientific topics beyond that usually available in other journals today. Content of the JIH will concern fibre, seed and resin, and will come from a wide range of disciplines such as agronomy, chemistry, ecology, economy and markets, history, genetic resources and breeding, physiology, phytopathology, products and applications and technology.

The JIH is designed to complement the “Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics”. The publisher is quite enthusiastic about this effort, and hopes to market the journal to research scientists, industrial hemp companies and interested lay persons. Since the readership of the journal will be much broader than for a single-discipline journal, specialised terminology will be defined or avoided.

Dr. Hayo van der Werf will continue as our Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Advisory Board will remain much the same, assuring our readers that the JIH will live up to the same high standards of the JIHA. The layout and printing quality of the new journal should improve through this cooperation. We hope that the more professional format and publication schedule will be sufficient to attract high-quality articles.

A renewal of your IHA membership is encouraged for 2002. Your continued support is needed, now more than ever. All members of the IHA for 2002 will receive two JIH journals each year for a reduced individual yearly IHA membership fee of $45.00. Business and institutional members can join for $75.00. Haworth Press requests that IHA members join before the first issue is printed each year, and refrain from joining during the year, so that mailing will be more efficiently handled. This will also allow us to coordinate the annual publication of our membership directory. Although it will be possible to purchase the JIH directly from Haworth Press at the same cover price, IHA members will also be included in and receive a copy of our membership directory and will be entitled to such IHA benefits as discounts on books and access to our advice. In addition, IHA members are welcome to contact us for an appointment to visit the IHA industrial hemp collection and library at our offices in Amsterdam.

The IHA is a member service educational organization staffed by volunteers. We try to answer all requests for Cannabis information. However, we always attend to the needs of our members first. We encourage prospective journal subscribers to also join the IHA and receive the additional satisfaction of supporting Cannabis education.

Membership payment can be made by personal check, international postal money order or by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card. Following are the membership categories and fees:

Student:   US$ 35.00 per year   or   EURO 40.00 per year

Individual:   US$ 45.00 per year   or   EURO 50.00 per year

Sustaining/Business:   US$ 75.00 + per year   or   EURO 85.00 + per year
Please join the IHA before January 31, 2002 in order to receive your spring 2002 copy of the “Journal of Industrial Hemp”.

Businesses should join as sustaining members and will then be listed under their business name in our membership directory.

Membership fees are used for office expenses. Back issues of the first twelve JIHAs are available at US$ 15.00 each for members and US$ 25.00 (postpaid) for non-members. The IHA also sells a Cannabis Educational Package to members only for US$ 50.00 that contains several booklets, a transparency set, audio tape and many samples of hemp products. Extra funds raised by the IHA will be used for projects such as the establishment of an independent fiber identification laboratory and textile certification program.

You will find a membership application here. We welcome all serious Cannabis researchers and enthusiasts to join the IHA and we hope to hear from you soon!!!


The International Hemp Association Staff

You can read articles from the 1994 – 1999 JIHA, Vol.1 No.1 through Vol.6 No.2 at:


and e-mail to us from the page!! We appreciate your comments.

The INTERNATIONAL HEMP ASSOCIATION membership application form can be found here.

“Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis, through the dissemination of information.”

The International Hemp Association
Postbus 75007
1070 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel/Fax: +31-20-618-8758

(The IHA is a non-profit, member-supported, unpaid volunteer organization.)


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