20 März 2012

Sulzer Chemtec and Purac jointly developed a new PLA polymerization process to improve costs and PLA heat resistance

Customer test phase ready since the beginning of the year 2012

The first PLA plant running with innovative Sulzer technology was succefully put into service by Synbra Technology in the Netherlands. Sulzer will invest in a 1,000 ton per year PLA plant for customer tests, which will be operational at the beginning of 2012.

The plant is based on a cost-efficient polymerization technology for PLA jointly developed by Sulzer Chemtech and Purac.

… Full Text: http://bioplastic-innovation.com/2012/03/20/sulzer-chemtec-and-purac-jointly-developed-a-new-pla-polymerization-process-to-improve-costs-and-pla-heat-resistance/

Tags: Synterra® PLA, Sulzer-Purac technology, PLA heat resistance

Source: Bioplastic innovations, 2012-03-20.


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