6 Mai 2004

Sugar growers seek interest in bioplastic business

Mackay sugar producers are hopeful the Federal Government’s industry assistance package will renew interest and encourage wider support for the establishment of a local bioplastic resin factory.

Mackay resident John Galea says he and other cane growers have committed 250,000 tonnes of product to be made into biodegradable, sugar-derived plastic bags. He is confident the factory will be built next year and says proponents of the initiative have promised to pay about $40 a tonne for their product.

Mr Galea says growers have no choice but to consider alternatives to current industry practices. “Without value adding we’re doomed, simple as that,” he said. “I mean the Government hasn’t really done too much for us and the money that’s available there won’t save the industry. If we don’t take our own destiny into our own hands we won’t go anywhere, even with the Government package.”

Source: ABC News Online vom 2004-05-05.

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