26 März 2008

Status of Biorefineries in Europe

BIOPOL conference discussed conepts

100 Researchers, industrialists and policymakers from around the Europe gathered in Brussels for the BioreFuture 2008 conference on 12 February 2008 to discuss concepts and strategies for biorefineries in Europe. The conference was hosted by the European Commission projekt “European Biorefineries: Concepts, Status & Policy Implications (BIOPOL) which is funded through the Sixth Framework Programme.

The following presentations are available as PDF documents on www.biorefinery.nl/workshop-biorefuture-2008:

  • Welcome Biopol – Euroview
    Bert Annevelink (Wageningen UR) and Christophe Luguel (IAR Cluster)
  • Biopol Overview
    Bert Annevelink
  • Biorefinery Euroview Overview
    Christophe Luguel
  • Definition and Technical status of biorefineries
    Birgit Kamm (Biopos e.V.), Wim Soetaert (Ghent Univ.)
  • Mapping of EU industry and biorefineries
    Vincent Steinmetz (CARINNA), Klaus Menrad (Science Center Straubing)
  • EU & national policy regimes affecting biorefineries
    Camille Burel (EUROPABIO), Philip Peck (Univ. Lund)
  • Key issues for biorefinery mapping results
    Vincent Steinmetz, Hans Reith
  • Key issues and impact of existing policies
    Camille Burel
  • Key issues for industry acceptance
    Klaus Menrad
  • Scenarios for future biorefinery technologies
    Wim Soetaert
  • E. Recommendations for future policy measures
    Philip Peck
  • Priorities of industrial research and development EU biorefineries
    Bert Annevelink
  • Presentation of the next steps for the 2 projects
    Bert Annevelink, Christophe Luguel

Further information on BIOPOL is provided on the Website www.biorefinery.nl and in the project leaflet (PDF document).

(Cf. news of 2007-10-02, 2007-12-06 and 2007-10-08.)

Source: www.biorefinery.nl, 2008-02-29.

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