1 Februar 2012

Starcla – Bio-based Bionolle resin

Showa Denko introduces PBS and starch hybrid compound to the market

StarclaTM is the newest member of Showa Denko K.K.’s (SDK) BionolleTM family; already launched into market. SDK is recognized globally as the inventor and producer of the industry’s best performing PBS, trademarked BionolleTM and StarclaTM, a key component used in the production of bio-plastic products that include biodegradable mulch films and compostable bag applications.

Bionolle StarclaTM is a bio-based environmentally friendly material which is completely biodegradable. StarclaTM is a hybrid compound of BionolleTM, starch and PLA. Like all members of the BionolleTM family it is fully compliant with international biodegradability standards (ASTM D-6400 and EN 13432). Apart from being biodegradable, StarclaTM stands out due to its bio-based raw materials, derived from corn or other starches. Depending on the grade, StarclaTM can be up to 60% bio-based. This greatly increases the value of this product.

Further plans to increase the bio-based proportion are underway. It can be used for various purposes instead of traditional polyethylene products because its film strength is higher than conventional polyethylene products (this enables production of an extremely thin film of 8µm) and has excellent printability.

Due to its biodegradable nature, StarclaTM is the ideal resin for use in mulching films. Extensive research and experience has given SDK the opportunity to fine tune the recipe for a resin perfectly suitable for this application. As StarclaTM biodegrades completely the higher initial costs are compensated by the savings in time and disposal costs compared to conventional mulching films.

Source: Showa Denk, 2012-02-01


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