21 Oktober 2019

Spinnova and Bergans of Norway to develop sustainable outdoor gear

After successfully starting its test facility production line, Spinnova focuses on end product development with partnering brands

Oslo Innovation Week, Oslo, Norway: Spinnova, the sustainable fibre company, and outdoor clothing brand Bergans of Norway have entered a long-term product development relationship.

Spinnova and Bergans have recently began their product development collaboration journey, developing new, sustainable concepts together out of Spinnova’s 0% harmful cellulose-based fibre. Bergans has been on the lookout for sustainable raw materials, and found Spinnova’s innovation fascinating. The collaboration is a great match between Finnish and Norwegian appreciation for sustainability values, high technology and outdoor life.

“In Bergans, we are always looking for more sustainable ways to manufacture both materials and products. I myself have been in the Finnish forests and seen how far Spinnova has come with its technology, and I must say it looks very promising”, says Bergans CEO Jan Tore Jensen.

Bergans is an innovative company that actively tries new, smarter solutions, materials, technologies and trends. Bergans is also actively committed to preventing the use of hazardous chemicals. Hence, Spinnova’s sustainable fibre, made 100% without harmful chemicals, is a great match with Bergans’ sustainable ambition.

“We’re excited about this collaboration and Bergans’ agile, open-minded way of trying new materials before they are commercial. Consumers also want to get to know this fibre and see products made of it on a conceptual level”, comments Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen.

Bergans and Spinnova will introduce Spinnova fibre-made products at a later time. All Bergans products are designed, developed and tested in Norway, often by the Bergans Ambassadors; a user group committed to testing products in active outdoor life.

After successfully starting its test facility production line, Spinnova focuses on end product development with partnering brands, while making plans for commercial industrial scaling.

Spinnova is a Finnish, sustainable fibre company that develops ecological breakthrough technology for producing cellulose-based textile fibre. Spinnova’s patented technology includes 0% harmful chemicals and 0% waste or side streams, making the fibre and the production method the most sustainable in the world. Spinnova’s raw material commitment is to only use FSC certified wood or waste streams. Spinnova’s objective is to globally commercialize the fibre products in collaboration with major textile brands.

Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. With the Norwegian wilderness as our playground and seasoned polar explorers and adventurers on our team, we have create technical performance garments and high quality outdoor equipment. Always aiming to provide you with the ultimate outdoor experience – regardless of season and activity. As genuine nature enthusiasts, we strive to reduce our negative impact on the environment, following our corporate Code of Conduct, to ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible so that the future generations will benefit from the great outdoors.

Source: Spinnova, press release, 2019-09-25.


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