19 Dezember 2012

Spain: Paper waste used to make bricks

Search for the happy medium between sustainability and material resistance is still going on

Researchers at the University of Jaén (Spain) have mixed waste from the paper industry with ceramic material used in the construction industry. The result is a brick that has low thermal conductivity meaning it acts as a good insulator. However, its mechanical resistance still requires improvement.

“The use of paper industry waste could bring about economic and environmental benefits as it means that material considered as waste can be reused as raw material.” – This is one of the conclusions of the study developed by researchers at the Upper Polytechnic School of Linares (University of Jaen), which has been published in the ‘Fuel Processing Technology’ journal.

… Full text: www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-12/f-sf-pwu121912.php

Tags: cellulous waste, extrusion, bricks, biodiesel waste, adherence, shaping

Source: EurekAlert, 2012-12-19.


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