4 Oktober 2007

Spain: Bioethanol plant has suspended production

High grain prices and uncertainty about the national market

The Spanish engineering and energy company Abengoa Bioenergy has suspended bioethanol production at the largest of its three Spanish plants because it was unprofitable. The company has cited high grain prices and uncertainty about the national market for ethanol.

The plant, in the Spanish province of Salamanca province, is 50% owned by food group Ebro and stopped for several months earlier in 2007 for similar reasons. The facility uses barley and wheat as feedstock. It began operating in 2006 and has an annual production capacity of 200 million litres of fuel-grade ethanol (FGE) of which 12.5% is from wine alcohol distillation, with a maximum of 230,000 tonnes/year of Dried Distillers Grain (DDGS). Abengoa Bioenergy’s other two plants in Spain have production capacities of 100 and 126 million litres.

In recent weeks, other producers suspended resp. postponed bioethanol production at sites in Germany and Austria.

(Cf. news of 2007-09-25, 2007-08-16 and 2007-07-13.)

Source: Biofuels International, 2007-10.

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