3 Mai 2012

South Korean chemical companies penetrate into biopolymer market

Biopolymers from corns, wheat and sugar cane

South Korea’s petrochemical companies are rushing to enter into the biopolymer market as an effort to pioneer the new business sector and better prepare for depletion of petroleum.

Biopolymers are manufactured using raw materials extracted from corns, wheat, and sugar canes, while plastic is produced out of petroleum.

… Full Text: http://news.mk.co.kr/english/newsRead.php?sc=30800006&cm=English%20News_&year=2012&no=268508&selFlag=sc&relatedcode=&wonNo=&sID=308

Tags: biopolymer market, Eco-Friendly, ECOTRAN, PURATAN, ECOPLAN, ECOZEN, PET

Source: MK Business News, 2012-05-03.


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