10 Oktober 2006

SMMT has published a straightforward guide to biofuels

CoverBiofuels and Road Vehicles answers many of the most common questions including where biofuels come from, what different types are available and how they benefit the environment. Copies are free to download from www.smmt.co.uk.

‘Few doubt that biofuels will deliver more sustainable motoring,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘However, some of the basic facts are not widely understood. Biofuels need to be fully integrated in sustainable motoring strategy, and an understanding of the key issues must be the starting point for all stakeholders.’

Biofuels and Road Vehicles includes advice on: Different types of biofuel – biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas Basic principles of photosynthesis; why fuels that come from biomass perform better than fossil fuels on CO2 emissions Blends in biofuels and quality control issues The future for transport biofuels

Under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), fuel companies will be compelled to supply five per cent biofuel by volume by 2010. Details of the RTFO – and other developments on sustainability – can found in SMMT’s seventh annual sustainability report, published this week and free to download from www.smmt.co.uk.

Click below to download biofuels guide:
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Source: SMMT Sept. 19, 2006.

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