19 November 2012

“SiBiCos” – New Silica Biopolymer Hybridmaterials and Composites

Bioencapsulation becomes more and more important in the field of white biotechnology

Immobilisation of biomolecules and cells within polymer matrices has gained considerable importance in various fields of biotechnical processes. Such immobilised biomolecules are relevant in the field of red, green and white biotechnology.

The present invention relates in a first aspect to a coated polymer system comprising silica-coated polymer and functional components. Said coating of the polymer is obtained by using Si-N precursors having at least two amino groups and, in addition, coating is affected in the presence of the functional component (i.e. biomolecule).

…Full text: www.technologieallianz.de/angebote.php?sort=sag&id=2487&lang=en

Tags: coated polymer system, silica-coated polymer, functional components, Si-N precursors, biologicals, electrochemical technology, diagnostic devices

Source: Technologie Allianz, 2012-11-19.


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