1 Dezember 2011

Second-Generation Ethanol Processing Cost Prohibitive, According to Queens University Study

Utilizing corn and sugarcane to create ethanol is putting stress on the potential to reduce dependency on fossil fuels

Costs for second-generation ethanol processing, which will ease the stress on corn and sugarcane, are unlikely to be competitive until 2020, according to a unique Queen’s University study.

“This study really lays out in black and white where we are and where we are going,” says Warren Mabee, an assistant professor in the School of Policy Studies and Department of Geography. “It should prompt companies to reassess (their processes going forward).”

… Full text: www.soyatech.com/news_story.php?id=26242

Tags: pre-treatment, wood-residue, waste paper, replacements, gasoline

Source: Soyatech.com, 2011-12-01.


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