12 November 2015

Second generation Biomasterbatches earn “Vinçotte OK Compost” certification

Vanetti developed masterbatches specifically to color the latest biopolymers

Vanetti, the Varese, Italy-based masterbatch producer with an environmental mindset, has announced that its a second-generation family of masterbatches, which the company developed specifically to color the latest biopolymers, have also earned “Vinçotte OK compost” certification.

The development is the result of the company’s ongoing focus on research and development. These newest polymers, says the company, have been molecularly modified and rendered even more adaptable to processing, so coloring them with the use of Biomasterbatches is “the only natural choice.” The greatest advantages of using Biomasterbatches are the ease of dispersion and easy processing during production, and the colors achieved.

A constant focus on research and development has helped Vanetti to perfect its products. The second-generation Biomasterbatches are in compliance with the latest European regulations governing biodegradation. Biomasterbatches are designed for application with PLA, Mater-Bi, and all the new biodegradable polymers.

“Using Biomasterbatches means adding value’” says the company. Next to their full compliance with regulations and the color range, they also satisfy design demands for an industry whose key concern is protecting the environment.

Source: bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-11-05.


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