16 Mai 2002

Second biodiesel project in UK

A UK company, called Excelar, has announced its intended construction of a biodiesel plant by the end of 2002, using waste fat from the restaurants and factories of the Asda supermarket chain. They have announced that they will produce 5.000 tpa of biodiesel from the Asda source. The total waste fat production in the UK is estimated at around 100.000 tpa. This is the second biodiesel plant planned for the UK this year. There is a plant in Lanarkshire projected, which plans to produce biodiesel from BSE-cull tallow. We estimate that by the end of 2002, total European biodiesel capacity will be over 2 million mt, with occupancy at less than 50% owing to the current poor prices being achieved by the biodiesel industry.

Source: Oleoline.com vom 2002-05-16.

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