7 August 2012

Seaweed could be used in future bioplastics, say researchers

Technology routes for the production of seaweed based bioplastic are still to be explored

Seaweed could play a vital role in bioplastic packaging in the future, according to researchers.

Rajendran Narasimmalu et al identified seaweeds high biomass, its ability to grow in a wide range of environments and its cultivation in a natural environment as potential for it to serve as an alternative in bioplastic production for the packaging industry.

Bioplastics from seaweeds would cost more than traditional methods but are reported to be more resistant to microwave radiation, less brittle and durable, the researchers said in the review into seaweed as an alternative source for bioplastic.

… Full Text: www.foodproductiondaily.com/Packaging/Seaweed-could-be-used-in-future-bioplastics-say-researchers

Tags: Journal of Pharmacy Research, polysaccharides, food technology, microbiology, medicine, plastic industry, seaweed based bioplastics, sustainability

Source: Food Production Daily, 2012-08-07.


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