22 Oktober 2015

Ryegrass whisks up Waitrose egg boxes in UK first

New packaging could save 405 tonnes of paper

Souce: Waitrose

Souce: Waitrose

The humble egg box is set to receive a green and pleasant makeover this week, with the launch of a revolutionary new packaging made from ryegrass.

In a UK first, the eggs in the Waitrose Duchy Organic range will now be safely nestled in boxes made from equal amounts of rye grass and recycled paper.

Waitrose predict that the switch will save 77 tonnes of wood/recycled paper per year. While the technology is still very new, it is planned to extend the packaging to other egg boxes in the Waitrose range which could save 405 tonnes of wood/recycled paper per year.

The new green-coloured packaging will protect its contents like a traditional egg box, but uses 60% less water during production and release 10% less CO2 compared to a standard pulp egg box. It is also 100% recyclable.

Waitrose egg buyer, Frances Westerman, said: “We often take the humble egg box for granted as it reliably keeps your eggs intact until you’re ready to crack them open. While we’ve found no better way for safely getting eggs to your kitchen table, we’re always looking at way we can use less packaging and more sustainable materials to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment.”

Source: Waitrose, press release, 2015-10-08.


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