2 Juli 2013

Research suggests a wooden future for skyscrapers

Will architect's vision of social and environmental sustainability come true?

Skyscrapers dominate the skylines of our major cities, offering more urban density and greater flexibility than smaller buildings. However, concrete- and steel-based tall structures require huge amounts of energy for their construction, which comes at a significant environmental cost. This can be mitigated by incorporating technologies such as solar power, passive cooling systems and efficient lighting into the design, but what if we could go even further and build skyscrapers using sustainable materials? Herein lies the impetus behind recent research into the efficacy of wooden skyscrapers.


Before considering the technical hurdles of constructing tall buildings from wood, perhaps the first question which should be asked is: what are the specific benefits wood can offer over concrete and steel?

… Full text: www.gizmag.com/wooden-skyscrapers/28017/

Tags: competition 2023, Tall Wood, Timber Towers, SOM’s report, MGA report, fire safety,

Source: gizmag, 2013-07-02.


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