21 März 2012

Renewables attracting investment interest from pension fund owners

Renewable energy is an attractive alternative to government bonds for pension funds, family offices and insurance groups

Last year global investment in renewable power generation reached a record high of $260 billion and annual investment is expected to double by 2020, as fossil fuel prices rise and emerging markets become increasingly important.

In the UK alone renewable energy capacity grew 15 per cent between 2009 and 2010. Biomass in particular saw substantial growth with the renewable heat market expanding by 17 per cent and the biofuels sector also growing by 17 per cent.

… Full Text: http://www.nnfcc.co.uk/news/renewables-seen-as-attractive-area-to-invest-by-pension-fund-owners

Tags: renewable energy, fixed-income, private equity or venture capital allocations, investing in bioenergy, biofuels and bio-based materials

Source: NNFCC, 2012.03-21.


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